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Forest Aerial View


Little Bear Tree Farm is a resource responsible grower. Each Spring and Fall, thousands of seedlings are planted – far in excess of the number cut during the season.

During your visit, you will see that these Christmas trees create habitat for a wonderfully diverse variety of wildlife at Little Bear Tree Farm.

For every acre of Christmas Trees planted, they will produce the daily oxygen requirement for 18 people!

Rest easy knowing that you have done something positive for your planet by purchasing your fresh cut Christmas tree at Little Bear Tree Farm!

Tree Information

Silvertips (Red Fir) and White Fir pricing:

  *   $12.00 per foot (5-10’)

  *   $ 20.00 per foot (10-14’)


Douglas Fir, Pine and Cedar pricing:

  *  $9.00 per foot (5-10’)

  *  $15.00 per foot (10-14’).


Besides Silver Tip (Red Fir) and White Fir trees, we carry a choice selection of pre-cut Noble and Nordmann Fir Trees which are priced as marked. Prices subject to change. 

Important Note: Only trees that are 5' or larger in size may be cut down. If you cut a smaller tree, you will be charged for a 5' tree.

Tabletops (shorter trees) may be available pre-cut next to the gift shop.

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